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1. A Bulletin Board system is used within the Contacts and In Memoriam/Obituaries sections of the site. There is now no need to register or use a username and password to access either the Contacts Board or the In Memoriam section.

2. The reason we have employed a Bulletin Board as opposed to the guest books used elsewhere on this website is that they have no facility for creating and storing conversational threads. So if someone posts a new Topic within the Contacts Board and asks for information on Bill Bloggs for instance anyone who has information on Bill can post a Reply under that same topic and it does not matter how many replies there are they will all be found under the main Bill Bloggs heading. It will therefore only take a fraction of the time to seach for all items on Bill Bloggs whereas because it lacks the ability to store information and entries under topic headings a search of a Guest book which allows entries to be posted in the order they arrive would be a long job depending on the number of entries



Kevin Stevens

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The Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association


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