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Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Resolution, Colour Setup and Browsers

Q. What screen resolution is the site best viewed in?

A. The site is best viewed in a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Q. What is the minimum number of colours that I should set to view the site?

A. The minimum number of colours is 256 but a 16 million setting is ideal.

Q . What browsers are recommended to view the site?

A. Internet Explorer 6 or above is the recommended browser. However, the site will function in Netscape Navigator and Firefox.

Q. What other software am I likely to need?

A. In addition to ensuring that you have Active X and Flash enabled on your machine you should also have up to date versions of Acrobat Reader and WinZip installed. These are both free downloads from the Internet. If you have any problem locating them please contact a member of the site team for advice.


Q. How do I submit photographs for posting on the site?

A. Please contact the team using the link at the bottom of this page in regard to the posting of pictures.

RGJRA - Joining - Access

Q. How do I join the Royal Green Jackets association?

A.  Follow the link from the home page to join the association

Internet Branch - Joining - Access

Q.  How do I join the Internet Branch?

A. Membership of the Internet Branch is free. Click on the image on the home page or the links entitled Members Area. In addition we also actively encourage you to become full members of the association at an annual cost of only £10.00 per year. 

An application form can be found by clicking anywhere on this line.

Q. How do I access the Members Area?

A. You will be given your Username and Password by the Branch Secretary. Please note it down in a safe place. It must be entered exactly as it is written in the welcome letter!

The Web Site Team

Q. Who runs the Web Site?

A . Your site is run be four ex Green Jackets. The workload is shared as follows:

Kevin Stevens
Site design and updating
Mark Adams
Guest Book Administration
John Gard
Web space Administration

To contact the team email us by clicking anywhere on this line



Kevin Stevens

Website Manager
The Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association


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